Recent Bands I Recorded n’ Mixed


A few months back, I finished up three recording projects, two of which you can find out on the internets now.  These be New Shields, Coahoma Soul, and Down by the Glenside.  Let me share some info about each, and embed some links for you to follow!

Give them a listen and buy their stuff!  Keep credible local music alive — they’re working hard to bring you good stuff, so help keep it possible!

New ShieldsCome Back Set Back” EP – We recorded drums at a great place in Philly called Drowning Fish Studio, then recorded and mixed everything else at my place, Viking Camel Studio.  I severely enjoy working with these guys because they’re great to hang around, they have great ideas, easy to work with, and can write non-trivial songs.

Coahoma Soul Oklahoma” Single – These guys were a ball of energy and we laughed a lot.  There was a lot of dancing when recording this.  The piano part is just smooth and amazing for how young that fellow is pulling it off.   Seeing them live is just great, since they swap who’s playing or singing constantly.  Great in studio and in concert.  Mega talented.

Down by the Glenside – None of them are Irish, but if you close your eyes you’d be fooled.  Lots of great traditional tunes.  Sadly, I have no link to give ya.

Music Finds – Glen Phillips “Coyote Sessions”

Glen Phillips is hands-down one of my favorite songwriters.  He’s also hilarious if you get a chance to see him live. You may have known him from his former glory as the lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket.  Toad is not so full-time and this seemingly is nowadays.  I have a few of his albums and a friend stumbled across the Coyote Sessions recently.  This album was recorded live in a studio, using one stereo mic.  It is a testament to good musicianship coupled with great songs and arrangements.  I love this kind of thing where it’s so alive and breathing.

Find it on the most lovely…

Thoughts that Move | hunz

Hunz - Thoughts That Move

Album of the year in 2010 for me was Hunz’s “Thoughts That Move”.  He wrote, sequenced, recorded, and mixed the entire thing in one month taking on the RPM Challege.  It paid off.  I really think he felt free, didn’t think too hard, and just ran with it.  It’s so alive and spontaneous in many ways.  The first track “It’s So Light” was one of the first songs on a wake-up playlist we had for a while…one or two after Tonic’s “Open Up Your Eyes”!  🙂

Hunz as a fellow is just a great person to correspond with.  I got to meet him in-person back in 2002 at Cornerstone Festival, when he was touring with his former band, Beanbag.  He has a long musical history that I had been following prior to even then, stretching back into the 90s as part of the brilliant ranks of the demoscene, writing and sequencing music in a type of software called a tracker.  Much of my heart is still back in those days, and you’ll find Hunz’s heart is too, as he churned this album out using a modern tracker called Renoise.  He’s carved out his own space in the electronic music world.  One thing I’ve always enjoyed is his knack for creating his own sounds / samples, and unconventional drum and rhythm layers.  There is much else to speak of his talents in the graphic arts and animation world, which you can nab quite a few glimpses of on his site

Pick up the album in any format you desire over on his bandcamp site, along with many other great releases.  There you can also leave him a few well-deserved dollar-fests.  Also he’s on iTunes.  And on his .com you can also get the source files to each song to remix or learn from when you load them up in Renoise.

Thoughts that Move | hunz.

Music Finds – What’s it all about?

Sure there’s Pandora and Spotify giving you suggestions, but there’s something to be said for the human touch.
Over the years I’ve had the privilege of friends with their own unique tastes.  It was always great to learn of some new music find or what was in rotation for the past month.  You’d never know what to expect.  Maybe there’d be some artists and songs of a favorite vein, which was generally fantastic.  Maybe something super new or simply unearthed from the past would come up.  Or sometimes it could just be totally unexpected.  That’s a great thing about people!
That’s the idea here; to share what I’m really enjoying.  I’ve been emailing buddies for years.  The request for a bloggification is finally being fulfilled!
Remember: Posts of this sort shall always be categorized/tagged “Music Finds“.