A Mistletoe Trio is coming!

For sure you’ll be able to buy copies of A Mistletoe Trio at this Saturday’s concert! (dec 13)

It’s been in the works for a while and there were a few more delays than expected, but that’s how life and plans are.  Final mixes and masterings are done, so just finishing up printing stuff and getting it online, etc…

Songs are: We Three Kings, I Wonder As I Wander, Do You Hear What I Hear


December Radio Appearances and Concerts!

  • Dec 4> – 4pm-4:45pm – Radio Interview and Performance, Soundstage on WCHE 1520 AM (Host: Nicole Zell), West Chester, PA – You can STREAM ONLINE: http://www.wche1520.com/soundstage.htm
  • Dec 6 – 6:30-7:30pm (outdoor stage) – JOY Event at Valley View Community Church, 778 Sunnyside Avenue, Audubon, PA 19403
  • Dec 13 – 8-10pm – Concert: Christmas with Anakai and Friends, Proximity Cafe, 1450 E. High St., Pottstown, PA 19464
  • Dec 17 – 7pm – Radio WEEU 830AM, “Nights with Nick” Live from Proximity Cafe, singing with Anakai Ney (Host: Nick Lawrence)
  • Dec 22 – 7pm – Radio WEEU 830AM, “Nights with Nick” Live from Proximity Cafe, singing with Anakai Ney (Host: Nick Lawrence)
  • Concert this Saturday – Oct 25th

    Playing at Proximity Cafe this Saturday night 8pm-10pm. This cafe is not like others. It’s spacious. There is an amazing sound system. The drinks are great. There’s good art. There’s more than I’m going to mention. It’s a new jewel in Pottstown. The town’s needed something this good for a very long time. With all that said, Anna and I get the privilege of getting play there this Saturday!

    We have close to 2 hours of songs. There are many many new ones, which you’ve never heard before. It’s been a really good time of writing this year for sure! So please come out — it’s free — and we’re going to have a great time together!

    Proximity Cafe – 1450 E. High St., Pottstown, PA

    Concerts This Fall!

    I’m gonna starting doing a few concerts from time-to-time again.  There are two booked: Oct11 and one on Oct25th.  Concerts pages has details.  I’ll be playing a lot of new material too.

    Of note, lots of new songs.  Also, there’s some recordings in the works.  No promises on dates! 🙂

    Recent Bands I Recorded n’ Mixed


    A few months back, I finished up three recording projects, two of which you can find out on the internets now.  These be New Shields, Coahoma Soul, and Down by the Glenside.  Let me share some info about each, and embed some links for you to follow!

    Give them a listen and buy their stuff!  Keep credible local music alive — they’re working hard to bring you good stuff, so help keep it possible!

    New ShieldsCome Back Set Back” EP – We recorded drums at a great place in Philly called Drowning Fish Studio, then recorded and mixed everything else at my place, Viking Camel Studio.  I severely enjoy working with these guys because they’re great to hang around, they have great ideas, easy to work with, and can write non-trivial songs.

    Coahoma Soul Oklahoma” Single – These guys were a ball of energy and we laughed a lot.  There was a lot of dancing when recording this.  The piano part is just smooth and amazing for how young that fellow is pulling it off.   Seeing them live is just great, since they swap who’s playing or singing constantly.  Great in studio and in concert.  Mega talented.

    Down by the Glenside – None of them are Irish, but if you close your eyes you’d be fooled.  Lots of great traditional tunes.  Sadly, I have no link to give ya.