A Long Time Coming – Silhouette Song “The Rock and the Sand”

A write-up of this is a long time coming too.

My friends in Sihouette Song have released an album entitled “The Rock and the Sand“!  It’s a little extra special for me because I was given the opportunity to produce the entire effort.  It took a few years to complete and we had the challenge of being about 2 hours apart and balancing this between day jobs and other nonsense.  We met up every few months on a weekend and they’d have a new song to lay down basic tracks for.  Brandy always had her lyrics and melodies down.  Justin always had an army of banjo and guitar parts to pick through.  It was great because every take was usually perfect.   Then largely I was given the freedom to hire many of the musicians in and also come up with my own instrumentation parts.  I got to play on almost every song in some capacity too …and do a lot of organ!

My personal favorite songs are:  First October, Carousel, Pain, Nothing More, Praise

Find it on:   iTunes, BandcampSpotify, …elsewhere 😉

p.s.  “Praise”  reminds me so much of  “Perelandra” from C.S. Lewis’ Space Triology .

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