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Every project I do is completely different than the last. I like lots of styles and just write what I’m gonna write. 😉 If you enjoy it, please buy some tracks and share a link! You can find most of my stuff on iTunes. My 100% complete catalog can always be found on Bandcamp… BandCamp is significantly more fair to musicians than iTunes, etc…

Surrounded With Good Company – Some fun folk. This is one of those moments I realized it’s not so hard to play every part if I tried. Recording went super quick, and I’m really happy with it. A little kick in the nose at perfectionism again, I guess.

Born of Tides – is a collaboration my friend Andy started. “In Constancy” is the only one I sang on and wrote lyrics for. The other tune I co-wrote got cut. I helped with the early engineering, but stuff’s gone through several iterations. This whole deal really resonated with Ben, and the bulk of the vocals and lyrics are from him.

A Mistletoe Trio – The second Christmas rewrite effort I’ve done. My friends Andy and Ben were instrumental in making this happen. They were such a help to me during a really rough time. My wife, Anna sang on the middle song. My fav is “Do You Hear What I Hear.”…has an epic ending.

Evergreens is my first Christmas album. For a time, I marketed it as “Christmas music reinvented.” Each song is a different genre and a far departure from what the song used to be. It’s bookended with two originals.

Evergreens Instrumental Version – I wish there were more instrumental versions of songs and albums out there. Here’s my contribution.

Simple – Shortly after we got married, Anna and I co-wrote some cool stuff and churned this little EP out quick. These are songs the two of us played out a lot.

Progress – I consider a cure for perfectionism. It’s not perfect by any means, but it is complete. I wish I could’ve budged on my deadline some and the printed art isn’t what I wanted, but this was a great start.

Get Your Mustache On – this one’s for fun, not my usual. There’s also a music video for it.

Progress - Jeremy Simon

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