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Every project I do is completely different than the last. I like lots of styles and just write what I’m gonna write. 😉 If you enjoy it, please buy some tracks and share a link!

You can find most of my stuff on iTunes. The 100% complete catalog can always be found on Bandcamp…plus they’re significantly more fair to musicians in so many ways…
Jeremy Simon on iTunes

(Get Your Mustache On – this one’s for fun, not my usual. )

(Born of Tides – is a collaboration my friend Andy started. “In Constancy” is the only one I sang on and wrote lyrics for. The other tune I co-wrote got cut. I helped with the early engineering, but stuff’s gone through several iterations. This whole deal really resonated with Ben, and the bulk of the vocals and lyrics are from him.)

(Some fun folk. This is one of those moments I realized it’s not so hard to play every part if I tried. Recording went super quick, and I’m really happy with it. A little kick in the nose at perfectionism again, I guess.)

(The second Christmas rewrite effort I’ve done. My friends Andy and Ben were instrumental in making this happen. They were such a help to me during a really rough time. My wife, Anna sang on the middle song. My fav is “Do You Hear What I Hear.”…has an epic ending.)

(Evergreens is my first Christmas album. For a time, I marketed it as “Christmas music reinvented.” Each song is a different genre and a far departure from what the song used to be. It’s bookended with two originals.)

(I wish there were more instrumental versions of songs and albums out there. Here’s my contribution.)

(Shortly after we got married, Anna and I co-wrote some cool stuff and churned this little EP out quick. These are songs the two of us played out a lot.)

(Progress I considered a cure for perfectionism. I wish I could’ve budged on my deadline some and the printed art isn’t what i wanted, but this was a great start.)

Progress - Jeremy Simon

….you can find me also on Spotify, Rhapsody, and the like. Here are few, but not all, links…

Video?  my youtube channel

My Band (rock mode!):  Taking Motion

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